Before Dawn

Band :
Title : Before Dawn
Release Date : March 1, 2003
Format : CD

Jessica Kilroy’s first album “Before Dawn”, comprised of all original folk music and recorded in a small Montana cabin in 2003 (each song recorded with just guitar and vocals in one take) was recently re-released in 2009.

“Montana native Jessica Kilroy doesn’t hide behind a posse of guests and bandmates. Her voice is quietly compelling, and she doesn’t distract from the songs with vocal gymnastics that I suspect she is more than capable of pulling off. Her guitar playing is subtle and understated. The focus, then, becomes the songs themselves, and there isn’t a dud among the nine tracks of her recently re-released debut, Before Dawn.” -The Independent



  • Pandora
  • 2003
  • Strange October
  • Revolution
  • Breathe
  • Rain
  • Runaway
  • From the Mountain
  • Home

Photography: Abe Quilling
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Mike Atherton in Eureka, Montana