It was an amazing three months climbing and gathering wild recordings from the pitch and plains of Patagonia. Argentina is an untamed, vast country full of beautiful wildlife, endless peaks and unpolluted fresh water drinkable straight from the source. Chile is exotic and expansive, with crazy glaciers that “calve” into the ocean creating incredible rumblings that can be heard and felt for a long distance. I had the rare opportunity of capturing a recording of a massive chunk of ice falling into the icy glacier waters. The sound was fantastic! Sadly I ruined the recording by gasping out loud in awe! Hundreds of miles and many days into the backcountry I was able to capture beautiful bird songs, rushing runoff, quarrelling guanacos, many types and tones of stones, and the eerie sound of wind wisping down Fitz Roy to demolish the camp of weary climbers. The wind is so intense it literally blew me off my feet a few times. I was grateful for sturdy trekking poles.